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To be in service is a true honor

Authentic Offerings from The Heart : Centering Ceremony 


Chef Bruja

Retreat & Personal Chef + Catering

Chef Bruja focuses on bringing the ceremony to the kitchen. A very intentional practice she focuses on bringing love and healing into her food medicine with ancestral magic. With a focus on naturopathic healing, her food is made to aid health. Lets build your menu, to fulfill your food dreams.

Free Birth/
Unassisted Birth

Find comfort in communicating with a mother who has birthed 3 beautiful children unassisted. Doula Resources, Unassisted Birth Education &

Option to rent a birthing pool if in LA & IE residents for delivery or pick up in LA & IE . 



(Infants - 5th Grade)

Do you want to home school your child but unsure where to begin? Lets tap in so that we can get you legally set up in your state/city/county. 

Offering resources, information, curriculum recommendations for your home school to operate smoothly. Optimization and Patience become your best friend!

Journey Work

Are you curious about entheogens, microdosing or individual ceremonies?


Schedule a intake to help you figure out if microdosing is for you. Get a personal dosage suggestion. Information  & resources to begin your journey. Also learn to make your own capsules as   well as the resources to make them.

Have you been called to sit in a ceremony?  Here is what you need to know..

Questions often asked: Can I microdose while pregnant? How do i know what dosage to take and how often? Will this appear on a drug test? Can I still go to work? What is an entheogen?

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